“A brilliant glass-beads-game, whose richness of references one can only imagine. And yet the music affects you deeply. You can also ignore the intellectual level and indulge in all its beauty.”

– AboutJazz.de

Omer’s 5th album, To The Unknown marked his first collaboration with the French label Plus Loin Music.

The music is comprised of 9 new originals by Klein, most of them written specifically for the trio with bassist Haggai Cohen-Milo and drummer Ziv Ravitz.

“Fear of Heights” is one of Klein’s strongest melodies, and a richly detailed composition. “Bliss” is a forward-driving song, while “Resistance” is a virtuoso tour-de-force.

“Le Papa de Simon” is inspired by a Guy De Maupassant short story. “Modesty” and “To The Unknown” both represent a new direction in the trio’s playing. Both these compositions are simply a set of harmonies, with the melody being improvised freshly each performance. In “Modesty”, the amount of time spent with each mode is changing, and suggested by the soloist on the moment, much like Miles Davis’ “Flamenco Sketches”.

The album was followed by intensive touring. The trio gave a memorable at Jazzahead! in Bremen in April 2013. They toured Europe throughout the year, with a notable tour in France in October 2013. Their concert at the Opéra national de Lorraine was broadcasted by ARTE.

In Novermber 2013 the trio performed the music from “To The Unknown” in Germany, Holland and Belgium, and in December they embarked on their first tour of Japan, giving 8 concerts throughout the country. In February 2014 they continued in Europe, and in April Omer’s debut tour in Canada will support the release.

The album was accepted by the media with great enthusiasm:

“No doubt, Klein belongs to the cream of contemporary Jazz pianists” – Jazz Podium
“A world of poetry and lyricism” – iTunes
“An impressive collection of originals.. a wide eyed trip.. Klein’s spaciousness reveals a patience that is lacking in many of today’s artists.” – Jazz Weekly
“This trio has a rare quality – the ability to take the listener to other spheres. This album offers depth and substance, that are rarely heard in contemporary Jazz.” – Piano News